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We offer a wide range of training packages in a range of subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs. If sitting in a room with a trainer and having the opportunity for discussion with other learners sounds good to you then we can offer this. If you have enough people wanting to attend the same course.

If you prefer to study in your own time and at your own speed then one of our Online Classes packages may be right up your street. There is a third option, which is you like the sound of both but perhaps can’t attend all training sessions, this is when blended learning comes into its own.

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‘KSR IAS Academy the Vision’ Institute

‘KSR IAS Academy the Vision’ is a dedicated institution for the preparation of Civil Services Examination whose main focus has been on the candidates preparing for the Civil Services Examination through English & Telugu medium.

This Academy was founded in January by Dr. Kanchana Anudeep.

Presently, ‘KSR IAS Academy the Vision’ Institute provides guidance for general studies, essays, Hindi literature, history, geography, CSAT and interviews.

The institute has 11 class rooms with latest technologies. The group of more than 400 employees handles the management of all aspects of the institute.

Our Teaching Method

We are not advised to memorize or memorize any topic without understanding it, rather it is tried that every student should understand and assimilate the basic concepts.

Through the projector in the classroom, various events and abstract topics are explained through video clips and maps / diagrams associated with various events and concepts. Students can ask questions to teachers to address their queries regarding the subject being taught in the class. All our teachers try to satisfy all the queries related to the subject of the students. Previously asked questions in examinations and potential questions for future exams are included as a necessary reference in class discussions so that students are not limited to just understanding the concepts but also to understand their acquired knowledge How to present in the exam? There is a special discussion on the outline of the answers to the questions of the main examination and the format of the answers are written. Also, students are motivated to practice Q&A daily. During the class, special care is taken to ensure that there is no unnecessary deviation in the class discussions so that the session is concluded within the stipulated time.

Once you understand the concepts related to a topic, it is no more difficult to remember the major information and facts related to that topic, as a result, the student will feel comfortable in answering the questions asked by that topic in the exam. is. Our teachers do not believe in just writing to students in the classroom because one way it spends a lot of time in an unproductive way of students, as well as much of its energy is spent writing and is unable to pay enough attention to understand the concepts. is. Our teachers themselves prepare detailed notes and give them to students so that they do not have to read anything else from other sources.

Every topic is discussed in a detailed and interesting manner in class. The concepts are explained to the students using examples of comedic, entertaining and everyday life events.


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