Civil Services

The Civil Services Examination is conducted in three phases every year by the Union Public Service Commission. IAS according to the preference and preference of successful candidate in all three stages (Preliminary Examination, Main Examination and Interview) . , . , IFS , IRS And is selected for other central services. The candidate needs hard work and regular study to make a place in the final selection. Since one has to work as an administrative officer after being elected, the Commission tries to select a candidate who is suited to the challenge and dignity of the post. Following the recommendation of the Second Administrative Commission, a major change in the syllabus has been done by the Commission. The Commission has made this change in such a way that the examination of the candidates can be taken from the initial stage according to the elections coming in the civil service.

What, why and how is the Civil Service ?

Civil services in India began during the pre-independence British rule. Although there was no representation of Indians in the civil services at the beginning, over time the British rule ensured the entry of Indians into the civil services, taking corrective steps. Since then, there have been many changes in the system of governance since independence, but due to the responsibility, challenge and prestige in the society, there is a great attraction towards the civil service even today. Even after many opportunities are available in the private sector after the start of the liberalized economy, every youth today dreams of getting selected in the civil service, but what is the reason that even after preparing and joining the millions of students, finally something Only students can succeed. The reason for this is that the number of sitos is limited and the competition is high.

How to prepare for civil service?

In view of the difficult civil service examination, the question arises in the mind of every candidate that how to prepare for this examination? Here are some advices which can help the candidate in the preparation

Students who are preparing for the preparation are advised to focus on making their concept first. For all topics of general studies SNC RT should study the books of. Along with the basis of your interest and selection, you should select an optional subject and study a reliable book related to it.

In view of the fact that contemporary issues have become important in the changed curriculum, the student should read a national newspaper regularly, as well as it would be beneficial to listen to the news bulletins of BBC Hindi .

Practicing previous year questions for the preliminary examination and writing answers for the main examination would be a better strategy for this exam.

How to complete the course?

Given the large size of the civil service curriculum , it is a difficult task to complete the entire course in a limited time. Yes, it is important that according to the syllabus, looking at the questions last year , that topic can be given more attention. For example, questions are being asked from General Science, Economy, Environment etc. in the Preliminary Examination in the last years. Therefore, the above topic can be studied by giving priority.

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